Our Prospect based tattoo studio is designed to be a safe haven for Geeks and Nerds, Anime fans, and all Pop-culture buffs! We are here to use our passion for art to create awesome and geeky tattoos for you to love forever. We pride ourselves on creating the most beautiful pieces of tattoo art for our clients. Specialising in a range of art styles, we look to make your dream tattoo a reality.

Have you ever wanted a tattoo of something you love so much but felt that someone is going to judge you? “You won’t love Pokemon forever”, “Why would you want an Iron Man tattoo?”, “Tattoos are supposed to mean something”... screw that noise! Tattoos are supposed to be about you and the things you love!

Know that when you walk through our doors that you will be among friends. Yes you can get a My Little Pony sleeve! Yes you can get a portrait of Captain Kirk! Yes, you sure as hell can get that thigh piece of Harry Potter potions!

So what are you waiting for? Message the page, call us up or even drop into the studio in person and talk to us about what you love!



Paul Briske Nerd Tattoo Artist


Paul has always loved art, from an early age he made paintings, did sketches and created comic books. He has spent the last few years working on comic art for various anthologies as well as self publishing his own work. His influences are just as varied, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Realist, Comic book, the list goes on. He has generally sought out interesting ways to merge the medium and style with his favourite pop culture icons to present them in an interesting light.

 You can find a collection of designs and subjects he would like to tattoo here



Kacey Gnitecki Nerd Tattoo Artist


Kacey is an illustrator who’s passion lies in animal and fantasy art. Her style and inspiration can be traced back to her love of animated movies and video games, including Disney, Studio Ghibli and Nintendo. Her favourite styles to work with are illustrative realism, new school and anything with colour. However she does also enjoy black and grey animal realism. Her illustration work has been featured in several collaborative publications

You can find a collection of designs and subjects she would like to tattoo here


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