Congrats on your new tattoo! Remove cling wrap within 1 to 2 hours. Gently clean with a mild unscented soap and warm water in a clean environment. Only use your clean hands to do this! Pat dry with a clean paper towel, and then allow it to completely air dry before applying ointment.

Apply a thin layer of your aftercare lubricant regularly (3-5 times) throughout the day after washing your tattoo. Use just enough ointment to keep it moist and make the tattoo slightly shiny. We highly recommend using products made for tattoo aftercare such as Hustle Butter. 

Frequency of cleaning depends on your lifestyle, use your best judgement, but don't overdo it. If you are unsure or have aftercare product questions please contact the artist and DO NOT take the advice of friends or other shops over your artists advice

Yes you can and should shower with a new tattoo. It's OK to get your tattoo wet, just don't soak or submerge it in a bath or hot tub for 2-3 weeks, this can cause serious damage. NO SWIMMING for 3 weeks

You should continue to use the tattoo aftercare for the entire time your tattoo is healing. After 3-5 days your tattoo will begin to feel and flakes like a sunburn. It may appear like the colour is coming off. This is normal. The area will become dry and itchy. DO NOT scratch it; continue to apply the tattoo aftercare until the tattoo no longer flakes. 

Do NOT expose your tattoo to the sun during the healing process. Once your tattoo is completely healed, we highly recommend using a high number SPF sunblock on your tattoo to prevent sun damage and possible fading to the tattoo. Do not let other people poke, bump, or touch your tattoo during the healing phase. Anytime you touch your tattoo, ensure your hands are clean!


If you are in a clean environment, allow your tattoo to be open and exposed to the air. Allowing the tattoo to breath will help with healing. It is beneficial to wear clean loose fitting clothing over your tattoo to allow it to breath. Avoid suffocating your tattoo with tight clothing. To reduce the risk of infection avoid exposure to pets and dusty or dirty areas. 

If your tattoo becomes infected,it will continue to be sore many days after, and form a nasty scab or crack an blister. It will also have a bright red "halo" around the edges of the tattooed area. If infection is suspected, contact your artist to confirm and see your GP. A dose of antibiotics will probably be required. Healing will generally be compromised and the tattoo will need to be touched up.

Once you leave the shop, the proper care and healing of your tattoo is your responsibility. With these instructions, and your own common sense, your tattoo will heal in the next 2-3 weeks. Enjoy your tattoo and take care of it as it’s forever! And please contact your artist with any questions.

For more information on Hustle Butter, please see their website