Appointment Terms and Conditions

  • You must be 18 years or older to get a tattoo in South Australia.

  • Photographic ID is required.

  • A legal consent form must be filled out prior to any tattoo procedure.

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Before booking a tattoo

-Before we can book you in, we need to establish if you require a consultation and design drawn up.

-You can contact us via facebook, email, phone or in person at the studio. Inform us on what design you were after, size and location.

-From there we let you know if a consult is required, or if the tattoo can be booked at the next available time.

Tattoo cost

Tattoos are charged by the hour, at $170.

Minimum charge for small, quick tattoos is $100 (to be determined by the artist)
We also offer a day rate of $1000, this is for an 8 hour session. We advise this type of booking for large pieces.

However, only book this appointment type if you are confident in sitting for 8 hours. If you “tap out” and can no longer continue, you will still be required to pay the full cost. In the rare chance your tattoo is completed in 5 hours or less, then it will be charged at the normal hourly rate.

We will always try to the best of our ability to give an approximate price for your tattoo. However, sometimes tattoos take longer than expected. There are several factors that determine how long your tattoo will take and how much your tattoo will cost. Some areas of the body take longer to tattoo than others (ribs, stomach), colour can take longer than black and grey, intricate and detailed linework takes finesse, while long smooth lines take patience.

Other factors that can determine tattoo time are, the condition of your skin, its elasticity, how the colour saturates the skin and your ability to tolerate pain, and sit still.

Booking an appointment

-Consultations are free, however we ask that this not be taken for granted as this is still an hour of our time. If you need to cancel, please give us at least 48 hours notice, so we can cover the time with a potential tattoo/consult etc

-If you fail to show up for your consultation appointment, without notice or a reasonable cause, you will be charged a $30 fee for your next consult.

-A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for each appointment booking. This is to be determined by the artist based on appointment length, but is generally $100-$250

-Deposit can be paid in cash or eftpos in studio, card over the phone or direct bank transfer.

-We require at least 48 hours notice to move or cancel an appointment. This can be done via phone call, facebook or email.

-If less than 48 hours is given, or you fail to show up to your appointment, your deposit is forfeited. You will need to pay another when you rebook. This includes reasons such as forgetting appointment time/date, being called into work, having insufficient funds. Please understand we have many costs to cover, and artists with rent to pay. It is your responsibility to keep track of your appointment and funds. Emergencies, death in the family and other such matters are an exception to this.

-If you need to reschedule due to illness, we require you to rebook within a week of the original appointment otherwise your deposit will be forfeited. Unless hospitalisation is the case.

-The deposit amount will be deducted off the total cost of the appointment.

-Please remember to allocate time for traffic, roadworks and paperwork completion when showing up to your appointment. Showing up late to your appointment can delay and affect our artist’s other appointments and arrangements.

Before your appointment

-Make sure you are well rested, well hydrated and have eaten a sufficient meal. We recommend to bring a sugary or fruit snack, to help your blood sugar levels stay regular.

-It might be obvious to note, but also make sure you have practiced good bodily hygiene. Your artist will be working in close proximity to your body, and as such will appreciate the tattoo area to be clean but also for you to not have any offensive smells.

-We accept eftpos and cash, it is advised to have more than the expected cost on you as a buffer in case your tattoo takes longer than expected, plus to cover aftercare costs.

-Parking is available in the Northpark shopping car park, access from Main North Road