AVCon 2018

We got to tattoo at AVCon 2018 and had a blast! The first time there has been live tattooing at their convention and we were a great fit! Met heaps of great geeks and talked everything from tattoos to video games and anime.

Paul tattooed all day Saturday. His client Kade got an awesome Bowser vs Link tattoo on his leg and provided cheery discussion with people as they came to have a look.

On Sunday Paul took the morning off to let Kacey do Daniel’s “Porco Rosso” tattoo on his leg. After that Paul took over and did a cool N64 tattoo for Tara, featuring some classic Nintendo characters.

Apart from our tattoo booth in the main hall, we also had a table in the Artist Alley, selling some art prints, stickers, shirts, bags and scarves.

A fantastic weekend and we look forward to AVCon 2019 where we will have a double booth for tattooing!

You can get tickets for 2019 here https://www.avcon.org.au/

See you there!