Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Infinite Worlds Tattoo

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Do you want to know where all the geeks go to get a Fallout 4 tattoo sleeve, or a Super Mario tramp stamp? For the Creator Spotlight this week we chat with Paul and Kacey from Adelaide’s newest and most awesome tattoo parlour, Infinite Worlds!

What are you playing/reading/watching right now?  

Kacey: Dragon Ball Super! 

Paul: Fallout 4! I have two young kids and I don’t tend to get much time for games but since my wife has become addicted to RuPaul’s Drag Race I’ve had the opportunity to pick up a controller and become a murder hobo in the wasteland once more.

What is Infinite Worlds Tattoo? Why is it important?  

Kacey: Infinite Worlds is a pop culture, sci-fi and fantasy inspired tattoo studio. There is Myself and Paul, plus we have 2 lovely volunteers, Leash and Amber, who help us out when they can. Pop Culture is always relevant, and celebrating it in the form of a tattoo is becoming more accepted. We wanted to create a place where people could feel comfortable to get tattoos of whatever fandom or world they loved, without fear of being ridiculed. 

Paul: I think Kacey nailed this one. It’s a place to be ourselves and celebrate the things we love.

What should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? 

 Kacey: My best friend, and also volunteer Leash does pop culture artwork. She has recently ventured into the enamel pin  scene, which is quite the rage at the moment! I think she might possibly be planning to venture into some gaming related designs, but you’ll just have to follow her store to find out!

Paul: So many things. Comic creators like Darren Close, creator of Killeroo, who is one of the Australian greats and an inspiration to a lot of Australian comic artists. Look at anything Chris McQuinlan does, his illustrations are awesome! Mainly just celebrate local artists and your local comics and pop culture retailers!

Image via Infinite Worlds Tattoo

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? 

Kacey: VR is becoming quite the rage at the moment! I definitely see more companies jumping into the playing field. Whether it be with new games, or their own VR systems. We’ve just seen Nintendo announce their LABO system, which appears to have some kind of VR game mode. Not quite what I was hoping for… give me VR Legend of Zelda or Pokemon, thanks!

Paul: Some people will love a movie and others will hate it. 

Best last thing you ate? 

Kacey: I had a really good donut recently, it had sprinkles. Would eat again.

Paul: A juicy burger and fries.

And that’s 5! If you are already planning your new tattoo, then you can find out more about Infinite Worlds on their website, and follow them on Facebook!