New Prospect tattoo parlour Infinite Worlds

New Prospect tattoo parlour Infinite Worlds builds on owners’ love for video games, comics and cartoons


VIDEO gamers, comic lovers and cartoon enthusiasts are declaring their love for their favourite characters in a very permanent way.

Paul Briske and Kacey Gnitecki have set up a studio in Prospect called Infinite Worlds Tattoo to cater to the trend.

“Because tattoos have become bit more open and accepted, it’s a really good way for people to celebrate what they like,” Mr Briske says.

“Comic books and movies and video games are such visual mediums, they translate really well. “It’s an ideal way to show what you like.”

The City spoke with Mrs Day as part of its Love Local campaign, which celebrates the places, faces and spaces that make our community so special.

Mr Briske himself has a tattoo of a velociraptor dressed as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on his leg and tattoos of the Green Arrow and the Green Lantern on one arm, and a cartoon tattoo machine on the other.

“Our generation is in a nostalgia trip,” he says.

“Everything from the 1980s and 90s is now being revered by the adults that grew up in that time.”

While regularly dismissed as fads when they were introduced, card games such as Pokemon and toys such as My Little Pony are often asked for as tattoos.

Mrs Gnitecki says these characters are now part of our culture and are important to certain people, even if not everyone can admire their charms.

“If people are going to get something like that as a tattoo, they really like it,” says.

“Even if these things are a fad, they mean something to the person.”

Unlike many other tattoo studios, Infinite Worlds is light and painted in bright colours showing the owners’ passion for comic art…”.

“We just wanted to create a work environment that was reflective of us – kind of fun and we like comic books and superheroes and that sort of stuff,” Mr Briske says.

Infinite Worlds Tattoo opened at 1/268a Main North Rd, Prospect, last Friday.